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Differentiate... or Die! [VIDEO]

This is the recording of Paul's presentation to a packed audience at the PFS 'Festival of Financial Planning' held at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, in November 2017. It's about getting focused on what matters most so you survive and prosper in the years ahead....

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Have you heard? There's a Perfect Storm brewing...

Whether you like it or not, there is a PERFECT STORM brewing: MiFID II, increased FCA scrutiny on fee models, forthcoming bear market, increasing consumer awareness, robo-advice. And now...

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It's all about R.O.L - NOT R.O.I.

Daniel Pink famously said  'If a picture is worth a thousand words, a metaphor is worth a thousand pictures'. I’m not sure what you get when you combine an image with a metaphor, but this is definitely priceless. What follows is one of those gold dust messages that you can use with your clients...

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Everyone is lonely. So connect!

In this fast paced world, a world of distraction - fuelled by email and social media - could it be that the one thing we crave most, we're just not getting? REAL, meaningful connection.

Take the standard greeting as an example: "How are you today?" How often do we ask that question? And how often are we actually interested in the answer!?

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The Grim Reaper & the power and purpose of PROPER Financial Planning

I confess. I was sailing. Too busy to bother with Twitter, or Facebook. So, as often happens, I miss the news. I don't stress. Life goes on. But I received the following in my inbox this morning. It sums up the events of the last few weeks quite nicely - and serves as a perfect reminder of what we should be doing for our clients.

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The Sexiest Job In The World?

A short while ago, I was presenting at a Conference, I reminded the audience: "Helping people to get what they want! That’s what we do for people!!" But then, as often happens, a crazy thought found its way into my head...

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