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The WOW Factory helps you WOW your clients ~ so they love your service and KEEP paying your fees!

Let's face it, financial and investment advice is fast becoming a commodity. Robo-Technology is forcing BIG changes. In the US, Vanguard’s Personal Advisor Services offers investment management AND access to a Certified Financial Planner for just 30 bps per year. The pressure on fees is definitely one way and that's downward. Increasing transparency around fees and charges means clients are demanding more value. And so they should. The simple fact is, if you focus your service on products or investments, clients WILL eventually question your fees. It's just a matter of time.

So what are YOU going to do to WOW your clients?

The WOW Factory helps you WOW your clients with what matters most

If you're a good financial advisor, whether you realise it or not, there are THREE parts to your job...

1 - Lifeplanning

2 - Financial Planning

3 - Financial Advice / Product implementation

But you don't WOW clients with products and investments!

You WOW clients with Life Planning and Financial Planning!

The WOW Factory helps you get REALLY GOOD at the two most important parts of your job!


Traditionally, because of the influence of the Industry, 'financial advice' has revolved around the sale, distribution, review and rearrangement of financial products and investments. And, in the past, in a world of commission, in a world of less than transparent fees, in a world of perceived 'free advice', advisors got away with a product or investment focused service.

But not any more! The world has changed.

Although the world has changed, the Investment Industry hasn't.

It wants Advisors to keep focusing on the money. It still wants its stuff sold.

But the Industry isn't paying you any more. Your client is.

Over the next few years, this is going to be a game changer.

To survive and prosper, you need a way to clearly differentiate your service and become indispensable to your clients.

Here's how...


Help clients to GET and KEEP a GREAT life! WOW!

Enter... The WOW Factory

The WOW Factory is for financial advisors who want to take their service to the next level.

It's for advisors who want to make the shift from not just managing money, but to also enriching lives. 

It's for like minded, forward thinking financial planning professionals dedicated to the same aim: to help move financial advice from being part of a tired old untrusted Industry to an independent, exciting, inspiring and trusted profession. A profession where every practitioner proudly communicates and delivers proper financial planning, so consumers finally start to understand what financial planning really is and how they can benefit.

The WOW Factory helps advisors break free of the shackles and vested interests of the financial industry and put the focus back where it belongs: on clients, not their money. On the person, not their purse.

The WOW Factory is committed to helping financial advisors worldwide succeed at the highest level with proper financial planning.

Through its inspiring community and member only online training portal, it provides a best practice 'one-stop-shop'. It saves you the hassle of searching for useful content, or the risk of being distracted by the next shiny new thing.

With the WOW Factory, everything is aligned to one aim: helping you to help your clients get a better life.

A best practice ideas and inspiration portal

With regular 'client focused' content, the WOW Factory helps advisors stay focused on what matters most. It also provides easy access to life changing educational content and marketing support, with proven ideas, tips and techniques - from some of the world's leading practitioners and thought leaders - helping advisors easily engage clients in more meaningful financial planning relationships.

Just as important, The WOW Factory helps quieten the Industry noise, helping advisors stay focused so they can confidently communicate and deliver a genuine, future proof financial planning service; one that does not necessarily depend on the sale or performance of financial products or investments, but instead revolves around helping clients get and keep the life they want. This results in a more profitable, stable and lasting income stream that can be easily justified to clients and the regulator.

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What do you get when you join the WOW Factory?

Ideas. Inspiration. Focus. To help you help your clients get a better life.

Regular inspiring content

You get regular inspiring content to help you stay focused on what matters most - so you get good, really good, at the most important part of your job: asking great questions and connecting at a deeper level, helping clients get what they want most out of life.

Access to bespoke courses

The WOW Factory provides a range of online training programmes from some of the world's thought leaders in the field of Life Planning and Financial Planning - DISCOUNTS APPLY TO MEMBERS

Live Webinars

There's regular live webinars providing you with the opportunity to ask questions. You'll get practical, proven advice from thought leaders and leading practitioners from around the globe all helping you on your journey.

Tips & Techniques to help you get more of the right clients

Your opportunity to go from good to GREAT!

Could you be complicating things?

Keep it simple and it becomes as easy as 1- 2 - 3!

Connect with clients about what matters most. Ask great questions - and listen. Help clients to live BIG and live RICH! What do they want to do before it's too late? What needs to happen to have a life well lived? Your job is to find out.

Great financial planning changes lives. It's not about products or investments! It's about answering the big questions, like how much is enough? It's all about lifestyle: the life they want, the life they don't, and the cost of each.

When you get parts 1 & 2 right, you can then keep the 'money stuff' as simple, low cost, and painless as possible. Products and investments just become 'tools in your bag' used, if necessary, to get the job done. What a relief!

Keep the focus on parts one and two. That's where your real value is.

Remember, it's your life too!

You only have so much time!

"If you focus your service on the money, you will always be under pressure. Price pressure and performance pressure.

If you focus your service on helping clients to get what they want most out of life, then you will get what you want: More time. More freedom. More life.

There's a limit - and it's reducing all the time - to what clients will pay you for a financial transaction. But there is virtually no limit to what they will pay you for changing their life. Lifestyle Financial Planning changes lives."

Paul Armson

CEO and Founder of Inspiring Advisers & The WOW Factory

Learn from leading practitioners and thought leaders

Contributors include Paul Armson (founder and CEO of Inspiring Advisers), Life Planning (without the tears!) expert Mitch Anthony, Advisor coach Steve Sanduski, The Art of Deep Client Engagement with John Dashfield, top practitioners Alan Smith, Steve Martin, and many more.



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Normal monthly fee is $67 - Special launch offer just $37